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The lifeline you need to preserve your structure

Life 52

Through our Life 52® holistic approach, we help architects, engineers, and structure owners with long-term durability planning & predictive service life modeling for critical infrastructure 52 weeks a year. 

Life 52® is an acronym for our service offerings which includes Laboratory, Inspection, Field Services, and Engineered Design.

Known vs. Unknown Conditions

We help our clients identify unknown conditions and provide the scientific data they need to make informed decisions regarding material durability.

Many people wait until there are visible signs of damages to the structure. However, this can result in increased maintenance costs and cause potential safety issues. 

We can help identify when unknown conditions will become known, so you can implement the right maintenance plans.

Known Condition
Known Condition
Known Condition


Learn which materials provide the best return on investment.​



Collect the necessary data on-site to assess current conditions and potential issues.


Field Services

Oversee repair maintenance to ensure long-term durability standards are met.


Engineered Design

Design corrosion mitigation plans appropriate for the structure to ensure long-term durability.​

Understanding Material Performance for Long-term Durability

Service Life Modeling

Condition Maps

Take preventative action today.