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Identify Problem Areas Quickly with Data Fusion

Many people wait until they see visible signs of failure. Learn how our team can provide you with insight to the structure and its critical components. Our team can help to quantify defects and estimate the remaining service life. 

We help to provide reliable evaluations of critical infrastructure utilizing various Non-Destructive Techniques (NDT).  Combining results of multiple techniques can increase confidence levels when identifying damages in structures. As shown in the figure below, our Multi-Array Surface Penetrating Analysis Radar (MASPAR) services / Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Half-cell results can be combined to enhance the ability to detect the corrosive areas in reinforced concrete structures.

  • Increase the efficiency of structural evaluation

  • Identify internal defects with higher confidence

  • Locate patterns or areas of concern quickly

Quickly detect corrosive areas in reinforced concrete slabs

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