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Consultants in Material Science & Durability

Let us help you with material selection or material problems today.

Forecasting structural health

Through our Life 52® holistic approach, we help architects, engineers, and structure owners to manage infrastructure on budget. Our material experts can assist you with making repair decisions and select construction materials with consideration of environmental factors.

At Echem Consultants, we provide long-term durability planning & predictive service life models for critical infrastructure 52 weeks a year for the remaining service life. Life 52® is an acronym for our services which include Laboratory, Inspection, Field Services, and Engineering.

Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation

We help to evaluate materials on the structure using various nondestructive evaluation techniques.

Service Life Analysis

Through in-depth assessments, we are able to provide projected timelines for a structure's remaining service life.

Structural Health Monitoring

We help to forecast the health of critical structures at regular intervals utilizing traditional and innovative techniques.

Chemical & Materials Testing

Our forensic investigation team is equipped to test materials in order to detect and quantify elements responsible for accelerating corrosion.

Maintenance, Repair & Rehabilitation

We design cathodic protection systems and provide services to oversee repairs for structures damaged by corrosion and other material failures.

10+ Years in Business

Providing long-term durability to critical infrastructure and historic landmarks

We are proud to be a woman owned company celebrating over 10 years in business! We recently expanded our firm to include the UK market and are excited to provide our services internationally. As we reflect on our past projects, we are honored to have helped our clients provide long-term durability to critical infrastructure and one-of-a-kind landmarks. Together we are creating a safer and more durable built world.

Gina Crevello

Principal, Echem Consultants

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